The main reason we are in business is to provide our customers an experienced subcontracting team to help you complete your project on time and with the highest quality standards. We are your answer for a consistent professional team throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and D.C. area.

Our teams have proven themselves on several projects and have what it takes to get the job done. We deliver a team as fast as FedEx! Yes, next day delivery. However, next day delivery is the exception not the rule. We ask for one-week notice to give us enough time to coordinate the right team for the job.

How ASAP can help YOU:

Core Drilling:
When choosing a concrete core drilling service, partner with an experienced drilling expert that delivers high quality work with cutting edge equipment and knowledgeable personnel. Our service include:
  • Core drills and diamond bits can cut holes from 1/2" to 16” to virtually any depth.
  • Coring can be done in slabs and walls, on any angle.
  • Our rigs are dust free and have relatively low noise output.
  • Our diamond core drills are powered by electric sources

Diamond core drilling can be used for many applications, including but not limited to holes for: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, telecommunication lines, anchoring bolts, concrete sample analysis, etc.

Fire Stopping:
Fire stopping is an integral part of fire protection engineering. Firestop systems protects against the passage of flames, deadly gases and toxic smoke through openings that are created for penetrations, joints and gaps in fire-resistive walls, floors and floor/ceiling assemblies. Proper installation of Firestop saves lives!

General Labors:
We know that “A CLEAN JOBSITE IS A SAFE JOBSITE.” Eliminate overhead, staff up quickly, and maintain quality. Our skilled laborers have the experience and means to get the job done. ASAP helps you:
  • Keep focus on the important task of managing and growing your business.
  • We handle payroll, benefits, workers’ comp, and unemployment insurance for our employees so you don’t have to.

Full Fire Sprinkler System installation
Properly installed and maintained automatic fire sprinkler systems helps save lives in schools, office buildings, factories, stores and homes.
System Types

  • CPVC: Our fitters are specially trained in using the correct plastic piping and fittings to allow for more efficient, flexible and visually unobtrusive installation. Our staff is qualified:
    • Understanding of local codes
    • System performance criteria
    • Use of appropriate products that can help limit water supply requirements, often leading to cost savings.
  • Steel: Our skilled sprinkler fitters install every system; their training extends to all major brands of equipment.  We understand the need to control costs and keep disruptions to a minimum. Our service include:
    • Dry System
    • Deluge Systems
    • Anti-Freeze Systems
    • Wet systems
    • Stand pipes
  • Fire Pump Installation: Whether it's a diesel-powered or electrical fire pump installations, ASAP has the tools, experience, and proficiency to install primary fire pumps and jockey pumps from all major manufacturers.  When it comes to testing, our own skilled in-house staff is available to conduct and document water flow tests in accordance with applicable codes. We can also arrange for water flow tests to be conducted by the proper authority when local requirements dictate, which is typically a municipality's water or fire department.
Yes, ASAP’s crews are fully equipped with all necessary equipment and hand tools to get the job done right the first time. We have our own power machines, cutters, testing equipment, ladders, etc.
Yes, we pre-test, test and maintain record of all inspections with AHJ. Giving your company a finished approved product.
Yes, all our installations carry a one-year limited warranty from date inspected with AHJ.
No, ASAP only assists in the installation of such systems. We are not here to compete against our customers, but to help them become more profitable and competitive.